Kalcite tablets

€ 18,77

Kalcite tablets

Lightly absorbing lime with vitamin D

Daily supply of calcite strengthens your bones much better and more safely than ever.

1 can contains 180 tablets of 1000 mg.

€ 18,77


Calcite 1000 mg-lightly absorbing lime with vitamin D

Easy absorbable Calcium with Vitamin D


Daily supply of calcite strengthens your bones and prevent fractures far better and safer than ever.

It is not unimportant what kind of Calcium you choose. Most forms of calcium tablets contain cheap, slightly soluble
Calcium carbonate (chalk), which the body may find difficult to absorb and use. Kalcit offers calcium in the form of calcium citrate,which, according to scientific studies absorps up to 2 ½ times better. You can therefore do with only 2 Kalcit tablets a day to achieve the correct dose! Kalcit is further associated with considerably fewer side effects from the stomach and intestine as the absorption ofCalcium citrate is independent of gastric acidity. This prevents constipation and pain from stomach and intestines!

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is important for calcium absorption and for the regulation of blood calcium level. If you are deficiency in vitamin D, it may in the long term cause fatigue and muscle and joint pain. A report from the Danish Institute for Food and Veterinary Research estimates that there is an increased need for supplementation with vitamin D in the adult population especially in the winter. Among elderly up to 80% gets too little vitamin D and about 25% have actually vitamin D deficiency.

Kalcit is an optimal combination preparation against calcium deficiency. Osteoporosis is a widespread disease that affects one in three women and one in seven men. A study from a Danish municipality with 9,605 people over age 65 showed that the risk of fracture was reduced by 20% in the elderly, who were offered a calcium and vitamin D supplements. It is similar to that on a national scale 1.800fractures per year could be avoided.

Content: calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin D.

Recommended daily dose: 2 tablets

1 jar of 180 tablets ~ 3 months consumption


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