G112 glucosamine Tablets 1500 mg

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G112 glucosamine Tablets 1500 mg

Glucosamine has a positive effect on movement, joints and cartilage formation

Available in 2 Strengths: 750 mg. and 1500 mg.

Recommended daily Dose: 1500 mg
Equivalent to 2 tablets of 750 mg or one 1500 mg tablet per vial. Day

For purchases of 3
Only 32,81 per Canned

1500 mg. € 36,38 per Canned v/purchase of 1 x 120 pcs
1500 mg. € 32,81 per Canned v/purchase of 3 x 120 pcs

Instead, we recommend ordering G112 – 750 mg where you have to take 2 capsules daily instead of 1

Out of stock

€ 34,21


G112 Glucosamine, tablets

Smaller and less tablets -same effect!


Tired of having to take many tablets?


If you are buying Glucosamine at the pharmacy, you will get 500 mg tablets or capsules with a recomended dose of 3 tablets/capsules a day.

With the G112 you can get away with as little as one-tablet-a-day!

As the only Glucosamine preparation on the market G112 is available as 1500 mg tablets or, alternatively, 750 mg tablets.

New patented technology makes it possible to produce tablets with a significantly less amount of additives, so even if G112 tablets have a significantly greater strength than other Glucosamine tablets on the market, they are physically smaller and easier to swallow.

With G112 you can have both fewer and smaller tablets and yet get the same effect!

Recommended daily dose:

1500 mg equivalent to one tablet à 1500 mg
or two tablets à 750 mg

1 Canned with 120 tablets à 1500 mg ~ 4 months consumption
1 Canned with 120 tablets à 750 mg ~ 2 months consumption


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